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Activities for the New Year PLUS a Freebie!

I love the new year!  It is a time to wipe the slates clean and start anew.

Who doesn't love a fresh start?

Surviving the End of the Year

I wrapped up my 22nd year of teaching on Friday!  YIPPEE!!!!!!!
The children are the #1 reason I teach and summer break is the #2 reason.  Although I have ten weeks off, I changed classrooms, and will be spending a lot of time in my new room this summer. 

We did a really unique project this week that I wanted to share with you ... First Grade Superheroes!!
First, we read this book (these are just a few of the pages):

first grade superheroes; end of year activities

end of year superheroes; first grade superheroes

end of year superheroes; first grade superheroes

Next, we brainstormed a few first grade superhero qualities.  Then, we made our superhero capes. 

first grade superheroes

Students wrote positive affirmations on their classmates capes.  They did such an amazing job.  My class really loved one another and were sure to write something sweet on each of their classmates capes.

end of year superheroes; first grade superheroes

Celebrating the New Year in Your Classroom

Happy 2017!  It's out with the old and in with the new.  While I don't make resolutions, I do look at ways to improve.  We can always be better {well, at least I know I can}.

I came up with some new ways to celebrate the New Year in your classroom.

The Kindness Elf - A Freebie

My teammate found this adorable elf at Target.  We decided to have a Kindness Elf instead of the Elf on a Shelf this year as our district mandates not to celebrate specific holidays unless we celebrate them all.

It's November

One of the reasons I love teaching first grade is how they are constantly changing.  When they begin the year, most are babies.  They need help with everything.  But, by November, they are on their way to independence.  First graders aren't kindies anymore.  They are more confident, knowledgeable and proud. 

By November, most first graders have developed automaticity with letters, sounds, numbers and sight words.  They are ready to apply what they know.  It is so exciting!

Building Number Sense in the Primary Grades

primary grades, maths

Are you wondering how to build number sense into your math block?  Here are some easy tried and true ways I've found to do just that.

Building Number Lines

number line, maths

First Grade Phonemic Awareness Lesson from my Phonemic Awareness Bundle.

The First Weeks of School - Procedures and a Freebie

We are 17 days into school and I finally feel as if I can catch my breath!  There are so many procedures to teach, model, practice, give feedback,  re-teach, model, practice . . .  WHEW!  I feel like we are finally getting it. 

first grade

Back to School 2016 Classroom Reveal and a Freebie!

Why is summer break the fastest time of year?  Ten weeks flew by and we are back into the swing of things. 

What better time to share my classroom?  I rearranged the room and am loving the new floor plan.

This is right outside my classroom.  It is in the main hall of our pod and the cubbies on the left lead to the door. 


You can get this sign, which is editable, here.