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Awesome Thanksgiving Unit

IMy Thanksgiving unit  is FINALLY done!  Whew!  I wasn't sure if it would be complete before Fall Break was over but I made it with ten hours to spare!
This incredible 55 page unit is perfect for grades K-3. It includes suggested literature, Mayflower Circle Map, individual book, Pilgrim guided reading book, adorable Pilgrim boy and girl craft, graph activity with tally marks and graph analysis, In November class book, Pilgrim class book, recording mental images sheet, 6 poems/songs, turkey with long legs craft to go with Albuquerque Turkey, cloze activity, Addition math coloring sheet with color key and a turkey glyph. I have enclosed lots of student samples as well.

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Here  is a freebie for Pumpkin Math just for looking:) and here is another!  Happy Halloween!

Veterans Day Mini Unit

After searching [unsuccessfully] for engaging, meaningful activities on Veterans Day, I created this mini unit. This product includes resources, thinking maps and a writing page. It is 14 pages.  I have created bubble maps, a circle map, a flag brace map, an art project and a writing page. All ideas have been student tested and are sure to be successful in your K-3 classroom.

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Common Core standards-Nonfiction

To meet common core standards these past few years, I am trying to incorporate a ton of nonfiction into my  teaching. So...I created this unit:  Nonfiction Question and Answer Writing Unit
I just finished teaching this unit and the kids LOVED it!

Get it here on TPT and here on TN.


New Math Games--SUPER Fun!

We played this game today in math and it was a TON of fun!  I created this because my sweeties sing this song (from Ron Brown) every single day during calendar on the SMARTBoard but they do not apply it.  They loved it so much they asked to bring it home to practice. 

It is on TPT and TN here.  Here it is:

This is another game they adore. Get it for FREE.  Click here

Happy Friday!