Monday, August 13, 2012

Only One Day Left

I cannot believe that summer is


alla fine
het einde
das ende
el fin.

I have only





left and then it is back to work.  Am I ready?

I guess I will find out on Tuesday morning when that alarm clock goes off at such an early hour.

This is one mommy who is not ready to go back to school, particularly because of my children.

My baby is starting middle school.  He is autistic and very sad about changing schools and not knowing anyone cause all his peers are going to another middle school.

We *finally* got his schedule and have been going there to practice getting from class to class and learning our way around the building. 

Here he is going downstairs to his locker.

We took pictures of each classroom in the order of his schedule.  I placed it in a book for him to read and study so he knows how to get to each class on the 20th when school starts.

Unfortunately, the last two weeks have been tough.  He is so worried about going to a new school without his friends.  He wants friends so desperately but hasn't a clue how to go about it. 
I went to the bank on Friday and was only gone for approximately five minutes.  When I opened the garage door to pull my car in, this is what I saw.

I was scared to see what was happening.  I called my daughter into the garage to ask her why boxers were in the driveway and where her brother was.
Silly me for assuming she knew--she hadn't a clue. 
We went into the backyard. 
that is where we found him.  I don't even want to say in what condition since he is almost twelve, starting middle school and
such a
Let me tell you that parenting a child with autism is definitely
Everyday is a new adventure
whether I want an adventure
or not.
Only one day left.
Speaking of one day left
there is one more day to the
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As I go back to school I realize I am going to need





I pray this frequently to honor Jesus

It always makes my day


I'm off to enjoy my final 24 hours of freedom.

Peace out,


  1. I wish both of you good luck on your back to school adventures. You are such and energized mom, I am sure your big boy will be fine in his new school. Just keep strong for the first days, because they will be tough.
    Enjoy your last day an d good luck with the sale!

  2. Good luck on your first day back tomorrow. I pray that your son will adjust quickly and make some new friends.

  3. Enjoy your last day, my friend! You deserve it!! Have a great week!

    Peace, Love, and First Grade